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2017 Developer Summit Day 2 Recap: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Challenge Winners, Keynote, a Kinkajou, and Blink-182

by John Sunda Hsia  01.06.2017 03:09 PM

The second day of the AT&T Developer Summit was packed with informative track sessions, a stellar presentation about the power of community from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a keynote that focused on the advances AT&T is making in networking, innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and a look at how we interact with entertainment is changing. At the keynote, the audience voted and the winners of the Hackathon Invitational, VR/AR Challenge, and Entertainment Project were announced. Of course, there was plenty of time for fun! Attendees could unwind at a pub crawl in the expo hall where they could meet a Kinkajou, or head up to the LG Party to watch some fantastic glow-in-the-dark entertainment. We closed out the event with an incredible performance by Blink-182 powered by iHeartRadio.

track session seating
Some comfortable seating to watch and learn from the experts at the track sessions.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt presenting
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, founder of HITRECORD, talks about the importance of creating things together.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Internet
The Internet has the power to facilitate and foster amazing creativity, just look at some of the work done at HITRECORD.


Developer Summit keynote crowd
It’s a packed theater as we wait for the keynote to start.


John Donovan at Developer Summit
John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer and Group President – AT&T Technology and Operations, welcomes everyone to the 2017 AT&T Developer Summit Keynote.


John Stankey at Developer Summit
John Stankey, CEO AT&T Entertainment Group talks a little bit about the future of entertainment and guess what it’s about.


Hackathon Invitational teams
The audience voted and it looks like Team MendMe and their physical therapy app and wrist glove won the 2017 AT&T Hackathon Invitational Winner.


Mayor Carlos Giménez
Mayor Carlos Giménez discusses the advantages and importance of turning Miami-Dade County into a smart city.


Waypoint RX, Summit winner
Using augmented reality (AR) to improve prescription fulfillment won the votes for WayPoint RX in the VR/AR Challenge.


Five Windows - Cooper Brothers
Daniel and Adam Cooper win for their student film Five Windows.


Dispatch - Caleb Hermann
Congrats to Entertainment Project winner Caleb Hermann for his short film Dispatch.


Developer Summit Pub Crawl
Having fun getting to know people at the pub crawl in the expo hall.


Pub Crawl kinkajou
There’s a kinkajou in the house!


Summit Pub Crawl overview
Lots of people to meet at the pub crawl.


Pub Crawl candy bar



LG party drummers
Rockin’ out in style at the LG Party!


LG party fun
Everyone is getting into the music and having a fantastic time at the LG party.


LG party dancing
Show us your moves.


LG party breakdancing
He’s got some serious moves!


LG party scene
Now that’s a party.


BLINK-182's Travis Barker
Travis Barker takes it away.


BLINK-182 at Developer Summit
Amazing performance by Blink-182 powered by iHeartRadio


Be sure to check out the photos from Day 1 of the 2017 Developer Summit.


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