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API Platform
The AT&T API Platform is in the spotlight of this forum; post your questions, ideas, and comments about APIs here.
AT&T Flow Designer

AT&T IoT Starter Kit
Thanks to the AT&T IoT Starter Kit and LTE connectivity, designing and launching an IoT prototype is simpler than ever before. Here is where you can find answers to your questions about the Starter Kit.
AT&T Video Optimizer
Visit the AT&T Video Optimizer (formerly ARO) forum to learn more, troubleshoot, and discuss recommended solutions that will help you build faster, more responsive, and energy-efficient apps.
Discuss your applications, show code samples, and talk about new devices and platforms in this forum.
In-App Messaging
In-App Messaging lets you send SMS messages to any carrier using an AT&T mobile phone number for the initial authorization. Here is where you can find the answers to your questions on this API.
M2X Data Service
The M2X Data Service is AT&T¿s cloud-based fully managed data storage service for the Internet of Things. Connect with other developers and the M2X team to find solutions, ask questions and share your experience here on the M2X forum.
This is the place for your questions about the Short Message Service (SMS) using a short code with all US AT&T mobile subscribers as an audience. Post a question and either our AT&T experts or the community experts will fill you in.