M2X Data Service - Notify On Reset

Notify On Reset
06.29.2017 12:50 PM
How does M2X actually notify on reset, when that condition is selected under the trigger settings. I am trying to connect the data to Flow, and I have successfully sent the trigger to M2X, but wasn't sure how the reset for the trigger works. 
Re: Notify On Reset
06.30.2017 05:35 PM
Triggers in M2X have a `notify_on_reset` attribute which by default is set to `false`. When set to `true` a notification will be delivered to the `callback_url` of your trigger whenever the conditions of the trigger are no longer being met. 

From there, you can configure the handler that manages the payloads sent to your `callback_url` to do whatever action you prefer (e.g. send an email via your preferred email service). The payload sent to the `callback_url`[1] has an `event` attribute which indicates whether the message was sent because the trigger was `fired` (ie. the conditions were met) or `reset` (ie. the conditions are no longer met). 

See Create Trigger documentation[2] for more details regarding the `notify_on_reset` attribute, which can also be configured via the M2X Developer Portal UI when creating or editing a trigger. 

[1]: https://m2x.att.com/developer/documentation/v2/triggers#Trigger-Notification-Payload 
[2]: https://m2x.att.com/developer/documentation/v2/triggers#Create-Trigger