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AT&T IoT Starter Kit - M14A2A LTE-M Firmware

M14A2A LTE-M Firmware
10.05.2017 12:32 PM
I'm unable to update to the LTE-M firmware (NQ_MPSS_IMA3_v10.58.172941). LTE firmware (CM_MPSS_M14A2A_v11.50.164451) works as in the tutorial. This is using the Connection Manager v1.0.7. When trying to update to the LTE-M firmware it will hang at "This might take a while .... please wait" for several hours and never actually fail. I've tried to update numerous times. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm not sure what to try.

Re: M14A2A LTE-M Firmware
10.09.2017 11:44 AM
Is the board still operating with the previous LTE version of firmware? i.e. this is the firmware update that is failing to complete but it leaves the board operational?
Or is the board left in an indeterminate state?
Can you sidegrade to the original LTE build,