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AT&T IoT Starter Kit - LTE M FW upgrade issue

LTE M FW upgrade issue
10.09.2017 09:26 AM
After upgrading my M14A21 to the LTE M FW version, the sheild will no longer register a connection to my computer via USB.  After having uninstalled/reinstalled the driver for it multiple times without effect, I beleive that the board may have been bricked during the upgrading process.  Are there any resources that would help me recover the board?
Re: LTE M FW upgrade issue
10.09.2017 11:40 AM
It sounds like the firmware update process completed successfully.
Can you check the Connection Manager logs and provide the console output for the upgrade process?

Also, when you plug the device in, can you clarify whether this is not showing up as the correct device or not showing up as a device at all?
Re: LTE M FW upgrade issue
10.12.2017 10:27 AM
I have manager to successfully upgrade the shield after uninstalliong WNC connections and reinstalling the program along with all of the drivers.  I am now attempting to re-flash the program I have written onto the FRDM which worked before the upgrade.  Now, however, the sheild will initialize as a modem but the WNC will fail to connect after that.  Do I need to make any changes in my code to account for the upgraded modem?
Re: LTE M FW upgrade issue
10.16.2017 12:42 PM
Good news on getting the firmware updated. You don't mentioned the specific version but I assume that's the LTE-M version 10.58.172941

The AT commands haven't changed so you shouldn't have to make any changes to the program to get it to work.
In terms of troubleshooting, I would suggest connecting the device to a host PC and using PuTTY or similar and trying AT commands to check the shields operation in isolation.
The port settings are 9600/8/1/None and you should be able to verify whether a session is being established.
The AT Command reference from WNC is available for download. There is a link to the PDF on the quickstart site, that points to
NOTE: the guide covers both the M18Q2 and the M14A2A but you should only refer to commands for the M14A2A module. Most commands apply to both however.
ATI will give you the current shield info.
AT+CSQ will return signal quality.
AT+CGPADDR will return the PDP address (IPV4)
AT+CGCONTRDP will display the PDP context parameters
AT%MEAS="8" returns a set of the network signal info which might be useful.

There are several other commands that will give you information that will help figure out where the issue may be occurring.
It may take a while to establish the session so the AT commands is a good first step.
Hope that helps but please post here if this doesn't give you a resolution.