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AT&T IoT Starter Kit - K64F stuck in bootloader mode.

K64F stuck in bootloader mode.
08.28.2017 05:56 PM
On a windows 7 computer I updated the firmware on the K64F without the shield connected to the board.  Once I reconnect the board to the computer the K64F device boots as expected.  Once I connect the sheild to the K64F, the board gets stuck in bootloader mode and will not exit it.  Please help.
Re: K64F stuck in bootloader mode.
08.30.2017 03:05 PM
Which firmware did you put on it?  NXP changed the method for upgrading the firmware and I've had trouble with it myself.
Try dropping this version onto it:
Also, make sure to not hold down the reset button when you restart the K64F.
Re: K64F stuck in bootloader mode.
08.31.2017 12:25 PM
I put the 0243_k20dx_frdmk64f_0x5000 onto the K64F.  The bootloader is version 201 and when I attempt to update the bootloader, the board will not register as connected on the computer once I unplug and then plug it back in despite the green LED flashing signifying that the device is programming itself.
Re: K64F stuck in bootloader mode.
09.13.2017 03:50 PM
You may have "over upgraded" the NXP board. You reference 0243 but you should upgrade to 0226 only.
You can find the binary on this page, by clicking on the link "[...]" that is listed there for version 0226.
The binary file is 0226_k20dx128_k64f_0x5000.bin and should restore the board to normal operation.
Hope that helps.