QuickVault, Inc
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Security admin tool for secure data transfer, tracking, back-up, restore & remote wiping
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JumpVault is designed for the mobile workforce and will ensure that confidential data is not destroyed, lost or stolen. The product works automatically so that users can relax with the assurance that important data is protected from loss or disclosure. The web-based security administration tool provides a complete history of all data transferred to and from mobile devices such as USB flash drives and PDAs. Lost or stolen devices can be disabled remotely. Available remote data backup ensures that important files can be recovered after a PC hard-drive crash.


  • Scheduled recurring PC backup to PDA or flash drive
  • Web based security administation tool set
  • Encrypted & password protected database
  • Automatic file version control
  • Available remote data backup and recovery.




  • Protects your PC and laptop data from accidential loss or destruction
  • Protects data stored on flash drives and PDAs from loss
  • Tracks the movement of confidential data on mobile devices for breach disclosure
  • Easily finds and restores lost files
  • Meets HIPAA, SOX, PCI data protection compliance requirements.