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BigHand, Inc
BigHand for Smartphones is an advanced voice recording and workflow system designed to extend your office-based dictation capabilities and improve your organization┬┐s remote working efficiency.
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Use your voice to get more done at work with the BigHand Smartphone voice productivity app.

BigHand allows professionals to record, edit and (with the premium edition) send voice files or tasks to office based support, or access outsourced business services. The BigHand premium edition allows voice tasks, instructions and dictations to be sent on-the-go, and to instantly enter the office workflow- where they are tracked via status updates, priorities and alerts. Overall, BigHand helps users get more done, expedites the document production process, reduces support costs and improves client service.


  • Record speech, edit, insert, overwrite, fast forward or rewind
  • Convert your voice-to-text via a server-based engine if no PA support is available
  • Take photos from within the app and attach them automatically to your dictation