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SMobile Security Shield
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Web-based management of mobile device security with virus scanning and reporting
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Mobile devices now have the same capabilities and are used in the same manner as traditional PCs. As such, these devices are susceptible to the same threats and require the same forms of protection for the business user. SMobile has created complete solutions to address the threats to mobile devices, providing antivirus (VirusGuard), antispam (PointGuard), and Firewall protection in a single easy-to-use application. As the latest innovative addition to SMobile¿s comprehensive mobile security offerings, Security Shield provides anti-theft protection via the following features: Remote Lock and Wipe, ¿Remote Backup and Restore, ¿Remote Device Locator, via GPS. In addition, SMobile offers a centralized management console that allows the enterprise IT administrator to manage the security of all the devices from a web-based interface. Features include remote scanning and full reporting of scanning and detection activity.


  • Automatic updates to virus definitions, for protection from the latest threats
  • Anti-spam component allows identification of whitelist and blacklist filters for any incoming SMS messages or voice calls
  • Remote Lock, Wipe, Back-up and Restore of mobile device, and additional control and reporting features for the enterprise
    Every file arriving at the device is scanned?any infection is deleted, and full details are logged for later examination
  • Anti-spam filter silently redirects unwanted SMS messages or voice calls to spam folder, without annoyance to user
  • Remote web-based access to the device, mitigating the effects of device loss or theft



  • MobileVillage: Mobile Star Award for Enterprise Data Security Software 2006
  • Xchange Magazine: Runner-up, Mobile Internet World Innovation 2007 Most Innovative Enterprise Application
  • British Telecom Consumer Market: Preinstalled on Broadband Anywhere devices