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Captures, manages, and transfers verbal info to a centralized system for work processing
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Associate from AT&T is a complete mobile dictation solution, turning your compatible AT&T smartphone into a portable dictation device. With Associate, you can capture, encrypt, transfer, and store verbal information in a centralized location for easy retrieval by authorized support staff.

Ideal for lawyers, doctors, and providers of professional services, Associate from AT&T replaces legacy tape and digital recorders that face breakage and delay in forwarding dictations to transcriptionists.

With an intuitive and easy to use mobile interface, users can record audio files that can be forwarded to designated transcriptionists. A complete history of dictations' status is visible on the mobile device and web portal. The web portal can be used to create, edit, and manage dictations by authors. Transcriptionists can view and listen to dictations designated for their review.

  • Traditional dictation systems have limited functionality
  • Device-based recordings not easily shared
  • Inconvenient to juggle multiple devices

  • Record dictation directly onto a compatible AT&T device
  • Track dictation history on mobile device
  • Encrypted dictations are stored in a central location
  • Includes a web-based portal for management, transcription, and reporting

Potential Benefits:
  • Improved productivity and accountability
  • No new hardware to buy
  • Easy to install and use

To learn more, go to Get started with Associate from AT&T to streamline your dictation workflow today.