Applications by Industry:
BAC Good for Small Business
20/20 Delivery
Airversent, Inc.
Work order vewing, bar code scannng, signature capture.
20/20 Delivery is an award winning Proof of Service/Delivery application for fleets that reliably connects drivers in the field to back-office data and personnel. Drivers work orders are dispatched to rugged mobile devices which incorporate barcode scanning and signature capture for irrefutable proof that services were provided. Utilizing the AT&T network, sensitive billing and service data is returned to the back-office in real-time increasing visibility to management and customer service and allowing for faster, more accurate billing. Every day our customers rely on our systems to enhance productivity, increase profitability, improve customer service and ensure compliance.


  • Barcode Scanning
  • Electronic Signature Capture
  • GPS Tracking and Driving Directions
  • Configurable Mobile Forms for Data Collection
  • Automated e-Mail Confirmation upon Completion of Service
  • Internationalized application to support multiple languages within the same application


  • Dramatically reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with faster billing and easily accessible proof that services were rendered.
  • Reduce write-offs and errors by documenting proof of service with integrated barcode scanning and customer/employee signature capture
  • Guide delivery and service staff through key tasks with electronic manifests and work orders to guarantee consistent workflow and reduce training costs.
  • Increase resource utilization and performance via performance metrics reporting and automated alerts to supervisor e-mail or phone when employees fall short of prescribed goals.
  • Improve customer service with automated e-mail receipts of services rendered, and access to service information from your company's web site via our web services offering.