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TomTom Work
TomTom Inc.
Two-way communication, naviagation and fleet management system
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TomTom WORK is also referred to Connected Navigation = Tracking & Tracing + Navigation + Communication.

Connected Navigation improves the management and control of your vehicles and drivers, giving you easy two-way communication and navigation for your staff on the road and in the office.

Affordable and scalable to the needs of your business, it combines smart tracking & tracing and fleet management technology with easy-to-use navigation and two-way communication tools.

TomTom Work is an all inclusive offer: All you need is a TomTom tracking and tracing device and a TomTom GO portable navigation device in each of your vehicles. Access to our web based vehicle management system (TomTom WEBFLEET) is accomplished through your computer with internet access via any web browser. There's no software involved and no need for IT support or maintenance. This makes TomTom WORK scalable for any size or type of business.


  • Real-time integrated workflow and asset management information - a web-based service, giving you 24-hour secure access to all your vehicle management and reporting information, from any PC. Wherever you have access to the internet, you have access to the real-time management of your workforce, with no need for any software installation. There is no hassle with or interference from IT necessary.
  • Good communication is good management: With TomTom WORK you can track and manage your people in real time. Scheduling your vehicles efficiently, both day-to-day and minute-to-minute. The two-way communication capabilities with your drivers, makes their lives easier, too, with great benefits like navigation-ready itineraries.
  • Professional Reporting - Mobile time keeping is an essential component in the trade business.  Often a customer may questions the time a service or product was delivered. TomTom WEBFLEET tracks all activities and provides this information automatically through its predefined reports.
  • Cost Savings - Increased Efficiency and Cost Management: Real-time tracking can be used to reduce operating costs across the entire budget - Fuel consumption, Maintenance, Mileage, Payroll, Liability.  TomTom WEBFLEET also raises your efficiency and reduces your costs. With the help of TomTom WORK's technology you can optimize disposition, dispatching orders and planning.
  • Increased Driver Productivity - Navigation orders containing precise geo-coded destination information enable the TomTom GO navigation system to guide the driver to their destination at the push of a button. This is not only convenient but saves money as well.  With standard text messaging you can send tasks with navigation coordinates from your pc direct to drivers on the road. All the driver has to do is tap 'accept' on their TomTom GO and follow the navigation instructions. When they need support, the office is just a tap on the screen away. Simple and quick, reducing mistakes and making daily tasks clearer, more efficient and safer.
  • Track and Trace - Real Time allows you to have all routes travel history available to review and make adjustments - route adjustment to lower fuel consumption, less maintenance and repair preventative maintenance plan establishment, increased productivity
  • Connected Navigation - efficient management of vehicles, easy navigation and two-way communication between drivers and dispatch
  • Easy to Use - Everything about TomTom WORK is easy. Access to Webfleet requires just an internet connection. Operation is easy thanks to TomTom WORK's user-friendly interface. Easy navigation with the TomTom GO. Easy planning, from the big picture down to those last-minute details. Ease of reporting to help better manage daily workflow.  Easy billing, with one transparent statement and no hidden costs.
  • Since TomTom WEBFLEET is a subscription service, we provide you with all the latest data, maps and upgrades that your business needs.  There's no special software involved besides a modern internet browser.  There also no need for IT support or maintenance, which makes TomTom WORK a very scalable fleet management solution.
  • Response Time is in Real Time - Allows you to locate your entire fleet in real-time, on any given moment 24/7.  Vehicles are clearly shown on a completely interactive map display along with speed and heading information. At-a-glance, you can see which vehicles in your fleet have their ignitions on or off.
  • Route Management (report history review) - see trace and trace above
  • Access to your fleet 24x7 via any web browser - see response time is in real time above
  • Improves Customer Service - Connected navigation helps you to improve management and control of your vehicles and drivers and offers easy two-way communication and navigation for your staff on the road and in the office.  Then there are those less tangible benefits that can make all the difference. For example, the ability to respond instantly to a customer's emergency or last minute change of plans. Your customers now have the knowledge that they are dealing with a professional and efficient company.