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Status & location for vehicles and mobile resources using GPS, wireless and Internet data
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The WebTech Wireless fleet management solution is an innovative and proven location-based services and telematics solution. The solution integrates GPS, wireless communications and the Internet to provide real-time information about the location and status of vehicles and mobile resources. Powering Quadrant, our sophisticated Internet-based tracking and reporting software, is the WebTech Locator Series, a family of feature-rich GPS devices that provide vehicle location and Telematic information in real-time. With comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, complete tractor-trailer options, real-time communication, and reliable support for device options, WebTech Wireless is committed to support the diverse needs of vehicle and mobile resource management.

Quadrant Manager is a Web interface allowing subscribers to locate, track, and otherwise supervise assets in the field deployed with Webtech locators or Asset Tracking devices. Along with these services Webtech Quadrant offers federal compliance on Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, a job management module, a fuel tax solution, a loan worker safety application and a number of other telematics related solutions from remote temperature monitoring, turn by turn notification, geo-fencing, landmark reporting and of course navigation.


  • Comprehensive fleet management reports and summaries
  • Safety and security status monitoring
  • Vehicle engine diagnostics monitoring and reporting
  • In-vehicle two-way communications
  • Over-the-air upgradeable equipment


  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Improve driver management efficiencies and customer satisfaction
  • Gain automated scheduling and smart operations reports


  • 2008 Innovation Award, Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit
  • #13 in the 2007 Deloitte Technology Fast 50
  • #17 on the 2007 Deloitte Wireless Fast 50
  • #90 on the 2007 Deloitte Technology Fast 500
  • #13 on the Top 20 Movers & Shakers, Branham Group Listing 2007
  • One of top 40 employers in British Columbia, Mediacorp Canada Inc. 2007