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Select and set-up specific applications, data and procedures for mobile availability
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The Webalo Mobile Dashboard makes it easy and fast to extend enterprise applications and data for use on handheld devices. The Webalo Mobile Dashboard eliminates the reliance on costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive custom programming that is traditionally associated with the creation of mobile versions of enterprise applications, and it eliminates dependence on proprietary mobile programs that can access only a single vendor's own enterprise resources.

The hosted or appliance-based Webalo Mobile Dashboard lets companies create - in hours - mobile access to the essential tasks that employees - from CEOs to field service reps want to perform in any application.

In place of the traditional software development kit approach, the Mobile Dashboard uses a browser-based, wizard-style interface. This point-and-click methodology lets IT or line-of-business staff specify which applications, data, and procedures to make available for mobile interaction, and Webalo's technology then automatically translates the input, creates the appropriate user interface for the wireless Personal Digital Assistant and smartphones most commonly used by corporate employees, and instantly deploys the applications and content to authorized users.

After the configuration is complete, modifications can be made in minutes and deployed instantly to virtually any brand and model of device. Mobile users can then perform - on their handheld devices - the same essential tasks they perform on a desktop or laptop computer.

A major national jewelry chain uses Webalo to provide regional executives with on-demand, on-the-spot decision support when they're in their stores. Delays associated with finding a WiFi connection for a laptop or waiting until returning to the office to access key performance indicators has been completely eliminated.


  • No programming
  • Instant deployment
  • Conforms to each device's user interface
  • Non-proprietary
  • Available on demand


  • Without programming, applications can be extended for mobile use in hours, rather than months.
  • As soon as data is configured using the step-by-step wizard, it can be instantly distributed to users.
  • Webalo's User Proxy Server instantly transforms any enterprise data to match the user interface of each device, eliminating the need for training to learn a new UI.
  • Data from multiple enterprise resources can be combined into single mobile applications without relying on vendors' application-specific mobile versions.
  • The Webalo Mobile Dashboard provides online access wherever there's a mobile signal and offline access from anywhere.