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BAC Good for Small Business
Trans Act & Verify (TM)
Converts off-the-shelf components into turn-key, POS credit & debit card transaction engine
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Transact&Verify is an all encompassing solution that converts off-the-shelf components into a turn-key, self contained, real-time point of sale credit and debit card transaction engine.

It has been carefully crafted in technology, business processes and partnerships to provide the merchant with the lowest possible cost of doing business remotely.

This system arms merchants with the tools needed to be just as effective in the field as they are in a brick and mortar facility.


  • Electronic and/or printed receipt,
  • Turns your cell phone into your lowest cost credit card machine
  • Subscription based solution no proprietary hardware/terminals to buy
  • Simple to use, implement and manage users and money
  • Automatically creates online business loyalty and relationship for the merchant with their customers.
  • Free subscription to for easy marketing to client database.


  • Easy to use system lets you set up, manage and run your business from one mobile device.
  • Low cost solution no special hardware needed and system proves card present.
  • Easily integrates with existing systems including QuickBooks
  • Multiple businesses /merchant accounts can be run on same device
  • Green! Delivers receipt through SMS and Email or Not Green and prints paper receipt.
  • Same account works on desktop and mobile devices
  • Proof of transaction with signature available at anytime