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Ring2 Conference Controller for BlackBerry
Ring2 Communications
Mobile-based audio conferencing service for BlackBerry
The Ring2 Conference Controller for BlackBerry is the world's first audio-conferencing service offering in-call control from a mobile device. Using any phone to dial in, the call leader can then monitor and control the call with their BlackBerry. The BlackBerry becomes a remote controller, providing enhanced security, visibility and control to calls. Ring2 Conferencing addresses everyday conference calling frustrations with its simple and innovative service.


  • Security -- Identify and drop uninvited participants during a call.
  • Visibility -- See people join and leave the call via a real-time display on your BlackBerry.
  • Control -- Mute, hold or drop any participant and add people directly from the BlackBerry Address Book.
  • Recording -- Easily record the call to an MP3 file which can be downloaded immediately.
  • Notifications -- Receive an alert when the first person joins your call.
  • Billing Codes -- Assign codes to calls for inclusion in your monthly invoicing before, during or after the call.