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iHASMD Telehealth Platform

iHASMD provides integrated and cost-effective software-enabled telehealth solution to bring convenient healthcare access to (a) patient, (b) provider, (c) Caregiver / family member, (d) Health plans, and (e) Self-payers / employers.

iHASMD enables a patient and a provider(s) to have virtual face-to-face encounters using an ordinary computer, a web browser and a simple webcam. iHASMD facilitates real-time interactions between a patient and medical professionals, caregivers and family, regardless of their physical locations. iHASMD allows for up to 4 individuals to take part in a session. This allows for extended members of the medical team as well as family / other caregivers to join in a real-time audio-video visit.


Unique feature of iHASMD allows the physician, nurse or other healthcare professionals to complete medical record documentation or progress note (with or without EMR implemented) during a virtual encounter, thus markedly improving productivity for the healthcare provider. The benefits iHASMD include:

  1. Simple-to-use - browser-based system and puts telehealth at end-user finger tips without having to leave their desk
  2. Office-ready - allows seamless interaction with existing systems and mimics in-office visits
  3. Scalable - software-based and cloud based brings instant scalablity as oppose to traditional telehealth systems.
  4. Comprehensive - bring all pieces of telehealth facets, including mHealth applications, into one platform and hence easy to deploy and maintain.