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SmrtAlerts is a message notification application that allows users to be notified and preview important emails and SMS. With the SmrtAlerts Enterprise version, there are two types of alerts - rule generated popup notifications and regular popup notifications. By default, rule generated popup notifications are enabled and regular popup notifications are disabled.

Rule Generated Popup Notifications (Urgent Rules) - Users can create custom popup notifications (ring tones, LED color, vibrations) for specific email addresses and even subject wording. When an incoming email triggers a rule, the custom notification will go off alerting the user immediately.

Regular Popup Notifications - When enabled, the regular popup notifications allows the ability to preview Email and SMS from the Home screen or any application on the BlackBerry.

Regular popups can be configured according to the user¿s preference on how and when they are displayed.

Regular Popups can also be enabled or disabled when using specific applications through our Application Filter feature.


  • Set urgent rules to trigger custom alert notifications for critical emails. You can preview message and set the alert tone, LED color, and vibration duration! Snooze feature also available. Never miss important emails again!
  • Preview SMS and Email message as they come in. This allows users to multi-task more efficiently and be more productive.
  • Application filter - Prevents email and sms popups in specified apps (like phone app)