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Our client/server software solution not unlike HTML5 is about delivering data to the web server, however we take it further than HTML5 dreams and deliver it today! Our solution pushes metadata directly to the server from the handset.

The Metadata we send is not tags but data on the handset from the device APIs as well as user data. The user data fields are defined by the web service business needs and entered by the user.

5o9 is changing the mobile web app game! However we are changing it back to where it went astray and realigning it with the desktop web.


5o9 believes there is one web and it works for mobile. We also believe that the web services should "know" their customers right away. "Knowing their customer" means knowing their device, their location, their security credentials, their preferences, basically anything it takes to deliver a valuable user experience.

The solution works across any device with a browser, extending your current web policies, procedures and solution to mobile without learning new application code or altering internal IT protocols and tools.

Additionally our user metadata creates the launch pad for the emerging contextual web where services can anticipate user needs and wow their customers.