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HipLink Software
Web-based, 2-way text and voice software for critical event notification
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HipLink is web-based notification software providing advanced features to send targeted text or voice messages to one, ten or thousands at once. HipLink leverages AT&T's Enterprise Paging so organizations can easily get important messages to their phones with 2-way response. HipLink Offers support for all phones and has BlackBerry 2-way applications for remote access to corporate applications. To send alerts from desktop, phone or directly from an application, HipLink is the proven solution.

  • Automate alerts from critical applications
  • Send immediate or scheduled notifications
  • Extensive Grouping Features for automatic escalation, On-duty schedule or Rotation
  • Two—Way Messaging enhances staff responsiveness and productivity
  • Real-Time message tracking /confirmation increases efficiency and accountability
  • Easy-to-use customizable Reports
  • On-Site, Hosted and hybrid solutions available


  • Targeted delivery through extensive grouping - Send with automatic escalation, by schedule, rotation or broadcast
  • Application Integration with any software to automate notification and Desktop Messaging for manual sending
  • Tracks message delivery and response in real-time through comprehensive reports and detailed logs



Awarded numerous RFPs from public safety, utilities and hospitals