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Pyxis Mobile
Wireless access to existing enterprise systems and data for financial services industry
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Pyxis Mobile is the leading provider of innovative wireless applications that meet the diverse needs of the Financial Services Industry. Pyxis Mobile provides a collection of award-winning wireless business applications, a library of exclusive 3rd-party content, and a best-in-class Application Studio that empowers the creation of highly specialized mobility configurations to fit any need. To date, Pyxis Mobile applications are in use at 28 of the top 50 global asset managers, 15 of the top 25 insurance carriers, and 3 of the top 5 U.S. banks. Pyxis Mobile's customer list includes such companies as AIM, Blackstone Group, Deutsche Asset Management, Pioneer, Manulife, New York Life Investment, AXA Financial, Henderson Global, Sun Life Financial, and OppenheimerFunds. For more information, contact Pyxis Mobile at 781.997.0300 or visit


  • Integrate directly with existing sales, CRM, or any other enterprise system(s) ensuring data is consistent
  • Access static and real-time reports, such as portfolio holdings, research reports, issuer ratings, and performance reports
  • Log contacts, enter notes, order literature, send e-mail, and manage your schedule while in the field without an inside reps name
  • View sector and position-related market research
  • Access commission reports and research distribution reports  



  • Increase ROI on existing enterprise systems
  • Increase productivity with always-on connection to enterprise data
  • Raise product sales with more effective client interaction
  • Improve marketing results by collecting better client profiling information at the point of contact
  • Improve management with custom reports and metrics on team activity