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Clinical Xpert Navigator
Thomson Reuters
Delivers patient information to clinician directly at point-of-care via Smartphone Web
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The Healthcare business of Thomson Reuters

Ranked number one by KLAS® in the mobile data systems category for the last seven years, Clinical Xpert™ Navigator, from the Healthcare business of Thomson Reuters (formerly MercuryMD offerings) delivers critical information to medical professionals at the point of care. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists get direct access to the latest updates on their patients wherever they are via the Web, mobile devices, or smartphones.

By providing real-time patient information at the point of care, Navigator improves clinical workflow and efficiency. More important, it enables hospitals and clinicians to improve patient care, decrease medical errors, and shorten length of stay.

Deployed on top of a hospital's existing IT infrastructure, Navigator provides a coordinated view of data, extending the value of existing disparate sources of information. With its highly scalable and easily integrated architecture, Navigator maintains a continuous link into the hospital's information system (HIS). As an added benefit, the technology can be used as an HIS back-up, mitigating the cost and risk of both scheduled and unscheduled system downtime.


  • Mobile Patient Rounding Tool-Comprehensive clinical data delivered to Palm and Windows Mobile devices and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Census Management-Site-specific patient census lists for inpatient and outpatient encounters-minimizing breakdowns in care.
  • Critical Lab Value Alerts-Notifies clinicians when patients have new critical lab values.
  • Demographics-Provides clinicians with demographics, contacts, insurance information, and more.
  • Medication Management-Displays active, held, and discontinued medications.
  • Award-winning platform-Ensures reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.
  • Web-based access-Data display optimized for clinical use.
  • Secure-Exceeds HIPAA security standards.



  • Champions informed decision making with fast access to evidence-based referential content
  • Increases clinician productivity and complies with ACGME work hour requirements
  • Allows access to up-to-date patient information during HIS downtime
  • Improves physician satisfaction and adds a competitive recruiting and referral advantage
  • Identifies an actionable list of high-risk patients among the active census
  • Streamlines patient hand-off process and improves communication between care team members
  • Addresses Joint Commission mandates and patient safety initiatives
  • Reduces lost or inaccurate charges