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Web-based application for non-technical users to build custom mobile form applications
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ReForm XT is mobile software that enables non-IT people to "mobilize" their paper forms and data collection processes. Using ReForm XT, small business customers can quickly design data collection forms using web-based software. The forms can utilize a multitude of question types, including multiple choice, ranking, bar code, signature capture and more. Forms are deployed to mobile phones (Windows, Palm, and BlackBerry) with "drag and drop" ease. The mobile users can then submit data, via the forms, over the AT&T network to the ReForm XT data center where the data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet or viewed in HTML. ReForm XT is an application that can be used without the need to IT assistance. In addition, it is supported by a wide variety of smart devices (Blackberry, Windows Mobiles & Palm OS) and will operate dependently and independently of a network connection.


  • ReForm XT Logic Line allows non-technical users to develop forms
  • ReForm XT Client, which resides on the Mobile Devices
  • ReForm XT operates on a number of Mobile Devices
  • ReForm XT provides mulitple connectivity options
  • ReForm XT Online, our online interface


ReForm XT LogicLine

  • Easy forms design, including intuitive question types, visual drag-and-drop, tree structures, and more
  • Easy customization of forms for your specific needs
  • Inherent form intelligence with automated branching logic
  • Logo and color "skinning" for corporate branding
  • Dynamic form preview in your device type

ReForm XT Client

  • Auto-syncing of forms and updates at power-up
  • Runs in connected or unconnected states for uninterrupted work in any location
  • Pause/restart, save forms, instant upload in connected environments

ReForm XT Operates on a number of Mobile Devices

  • Most Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile PPC, and Windows Mobile Smartphone devices
  • GPS locators, barcode scanners, temperature probes, and other attachments supported


  • Data plan can carry customer feedback across the wireless network or use the cable sync option
  • Upload forms immediately or use batch process at your convenience
  • No in-house Wi-Fi or IT support required

ReForm XT Online

  • New LogicLine Form Builder for intelligent, user-friendly forms creation
  • ReForm Administrator for user/group management, form distribution, report generation and more
  • Reporting in XML, CSV for ready back-end system integration
  • ReForm DataCenter - Tier 1 center with 24/7 availability, full security, daily automated backup, redundant connectivity