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SalesNOW from AT&T - Mobile CRM Solution - Sales for the Mobile Professional.
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In today's business environment, building positive customer relationships can be critical to your success. Having real-time access to customer information and the ability to stay connected with your sales teams can help you build better relationships and help you manage your business more effectively.

SalesNOW from AT&T is a contact, activity, deal and lead management tool specifically designed for your mobile device. Highly mobile individuals can access all customer and prospect data, track contacts, companies, deals, activities, and email all from one tool, ... no matter where you are!

SalesNOW from AT&T not only improves sales rep effectiveness in the field, it improves sales management visibility of activities with access to real-time sales and funnel data and reduces the burden of manually building reports.

Problem Solution Potential Benefit
Mobile sales force need access to critical business data Manage ALL aspects of the sales-cycle from one tool, on your mobile or web:
  • Contact Management
  • Company Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Deal Management
  • Activity Reporting
  • Case Tracking
  • Sales Reporting
  • Dashboards
Improve Sales Rep Effectiveness - Increase productivity, decrease downtime
Sales Managers require reporting from their sales team at any time - Too much time spent managing sales process Customizable dashboards & reports for real-time performance snapshots Improve Sales Manager Visibility AND Reduce the Reporting Burden
Limited budget to spend on administration or IT Fully-hosted, affordable and customizable CRM/SFA solution Benefit from a complete end-to-end solution. Does not require major capital investment since it is a hosted solution


  • Manage Customer Information - Store contact info, send emails, get maps, track sales activities. Easily sync BlackBerry contacts
  • Track Sales Activity & Emails - Track sales details, progress & next steps. Manage your sales pipeline on the road.
  • Manage Team- SalesNOW Enterprise - Team Leaders can generate rollup activity & team forecasts reports.


  • Sales Rep. Productivity - Fast access to data on the WEB and BlackBerry (online & offline). Intuitive interface to manage contacts, companies, deals, emails and activities
  • Sales Mgr. Visibility - Insight into where reps stand with their sales funnel. Customizable dashboards for real-time performance snapshots. Powerful reporting & customization tools


  • 2nd Place, AT&T Enterprise Fast-Pitch Contest