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Tool for creating forms to enable capture of data in field using mobile devices
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Filling out forms is a fact of business, but relying on paper forms creates challenges for companies trying to stay competitive. Pronto Forms from AT&T allows businesses to convert paper forms into data collection forms that are published to mobile devices. Mobile forms allow field staff to capture data and submit their results while out of the office.

With Pronto Forms from AT&T, you can create a mobile form often times in a few minutes. Mobile forms include numerous input methods including drop down boxes, radio buttons, signature capture, photo capture, and geo stamp. Pronto Forms from AT&T works both in and out of wireless coverage area.

With a form design that matches the business processes, data accuracy and completeness are ensured, and the field staff can process the input quickly.

When a form is submitted, a pre-designed PDF version of the form can be emailed to designated recipients, emulating existing processes. Data is also stored in a central repository. The consolidated data from all users can be accessed via the same web portal where forms were created. The portal contains robust reporting tools including data filtering, analysis capabilities, and charts. It is also possible to export data to Excel for more detailed analysis and archiving. It is possible to integrate the solution with existing back-end system.

Get started with Pronto Forms from AT&T to optimize your wireless workflow.

  • Workflows can be paper-intensive
  • Managing paper forms is costly and time-consuming
  • Business slows when forms are incomplete or missing

  • Easy form creation and deployment
  • Feature-rich application for forms management
  • Ability to capture photos, signatures, and geo stamps
  • Intuitive mobile form interface
  • Cloud-computing solution┬┐no servers needed

Potential Benefits:
  • Improved productivity and customer service
  • Minimize data input errors and standardize data
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Measurable time and money savings

To learn more, go to Get started with ProntoForms from AT&T to optimize your wireless workflow.