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Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions for Merchants
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Businesses that make credit card transactions on the road need a mobile point of sale solution. Businesses that are restricted to cash, checks, and invoices to complete transactions can actually experience decreased revenue compared to businesses that accept credit and debit cards. But traditional mobile payment solutions often require expensive and cumbersome payment terminals. Also, if you've already invested in mobile devices for your workforce, wouldn't you rather maximize your investment by using those devices to do more than just handle voice conversations?

We have a solution:

+ Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T

Apriva Mobile Pay takes the powerful software used in traditional credit card terminals and puts it on your mobile device, simplifying card transactions and transforming your mobile device into an incredibly powerful business tool. Apriva Mobile Pay is a full featured mobile application for performing credit card related transactions, both in or out of wireless coverage areas. With an optional card reader and printer peripheral device, mobile professionals can quickly enter keyed or swiped transactions and the point of sale.

A complete solution includes: 1. a compatible AT&T smartphone, 2. Apriva service, 3. a merchant account. For the merchant account, Apriva has partnered with Moneris. During the set up process with Apriva, customers will apply for the merchant account with Moneris.

  • Smartphone-based solution-no additional equipment needed
  • Full-featured point-of-sale solution supporting all major transaction types
  • Supports credit and debit transactions
  • Increased sales
  • Mobile credit card transactions and authorization
  • More professional appearance

Get started today with Apriva Mobile Pay to process credit card transactions on a mobile device. To learn more, go to