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by Andrea Morton   Posted on 08.31.2015 01:36 PM

webrtc fb480.jpgAt WebRTC World earlier this year, there was an interesting slide that showed the top users of the WebRTC Stack. This does not mean these are the most important players in WebRTC or farthest along, but just one metric. The list below may not be in the order of usage, and keep reading for some additional comments:

  1. Google: No surprise whatsoever here. The company has been working heavily on the W3C standard and is now actively evangelizing it.
  2. Facebook: Again, not a big surprise. Earlier this year, WebRTCHacks had an article about Facebook’s interest in using WebRTC to support video chats in its Messenger application.
  3. Citrix: Citrix is a leader in conferencing solutions with its GoToMeeting product and it has released a product that supports WebRTC.
  4. TokBox: Like the others on the top of this list, the company was kind of expected. TokBox is very involved with WebRTC via its OpenTok PaaS platform, which has a lot of features. The company was acquired by Telefonica, so from the AT&T perspective it is good seeing another carrier involved in the WebRTC segment.
  5. SinchThis company was a spin-off from Rebtel in 2014. A competitor to Twilio, it offers communication APIs with a focus on ease of use.
  6. Twilio: Offering APIs for VoIP and text messaging, it has a lot of information on WebRTC.
  7. Wire: This is a communications app that is a competitor to Skype. The company launched on iOS and Android version in 2014, but have extended support to other platforms (where Wire for Web is compatible with WebRTC).
  8. Talko: Another communications app that has already implemented WebRTC support. It will be interesting to see how quickly these companies grow.
  9. Screenhero: I like this company name. This company provides a WebRTC-based screen-sharing application and it’s now being integrated with Slack.
  10. Comcast: This large cable company seems to be planning to launch its X1 platform with WebRTC capability.
  11. Amazon: The company is using WebRTC with its Mayday customer support product. There was a great article about Amazon’s usage in WebRTChacks.
  12. Oracle: It is no surprise to see Oracle looking to support WebRTC in the enterprise.
  13. UberConference: As the name implies, this is a WebRTC-based conferencing application. There are APIs, but they are in a closed beta.
  14. Double Robotics: This company offers a telepresence robot that has a video screen on top and includes an amplified speaker directional microphone. It was featured in the season six finale of Modern Family and it looks like an interesting and fun tool to have around. I could not verify this, but I imagine it employs WebRTC for teleconferencing.
  15. Vonage: A large VoIP providerm, it wasn’t clear on its site how they are using WebRTC, but in a BlogGeek article in 2013 they mention WebRTC is being used in Vonage’s mobile app.
  16. WebEx: This Cisco product is another leader in conferencing solutions. The company’s Enhanced WebEx Collaboration Solution supports WebRTC.
  17. webrtc companies.pngin/Telenor: Telenor is a multinational carrier headquartered in Norway. is a video conferencing solution that built on WebRTC.
  18. Hello (Firefox): Hello is a voice and video product (with a button right on the Firefox toolbar).
  19. AT&T: We just launched our Enhanced WebRTC API and SDK in August—a different approach than the other carriers listed.

The list feels comprehensive, with some browser vendors, big apps, conference solutions and carriers. Obvious omissions are the other big browsers IE and Safari. Microsoft has committed to support ORTC in the WebRTC 1.1 standard. The jury is still out on Safari. I did a search on WebRTC on Google and the top listings correspond to this list (Dialogic was the highest ranked company not listed above).

What other companies should be on this list? Please add your opinions in the comments.

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by fuel_ex on 09.02.2015 02:08 AM

QuickBlox offers as well WebRTC video calling sdk for iOS/Android/Web – , so you can easily integrate video calling features via WebRTC into mobile and web apps

by eschmit on 09.02.2015 10:52 AM

Thanks for the addition, it definitely looks like you built a very developer-friendly way to integrate WebRTC features. 

by gzweig on 09.02.2015 05:55 PM

GENBAND’ SPiDR Web RTC Gateway was first to market and continues to distinguish itself with a rich set of federation tools and carrier-ready deployment assets.

by WebRTC_SDK on 09.04.2015 11:32 AM

SightCall also provides an iOS/Android/Web SDK to help developers rapidly integrate Realtime Video, Audio and Text capabilities directly into their Website or Mobile App.

by eschmit on 09.04.2015 11:39 AM

Again, the list was just based on top users of the stack, but obviously there are several other leaders.  Genband is a partner of AT&T, I am familiar with their product and it is excellent.  I was not familiar with Sightcall, but just reviewed their site.  They have a nice developer center and the start guides are clean and straight-forward. 

If I missed others, please post comments as well.  There are many great providers in this space and exciting to see what companies are coming up with to help ramp WebRTC.

by LSlattery on 09.08.2015 11:24 AM

Thanks for the TokBox mention Eric. It’s great to see such healthy growth in the market over the past few years. I can confirm that Double Robotics does use WebRTC to power their application, they are in fact long time users of the OpenTok platform. One other on your list is also a TokBox customer – Mozilla’s (Firefox Hello).

by eschmit on 09.08.2015 11:27 AM

Thanks much Lauren for the additional information.

by chipwilcox on 09.08.2015 09:22 PM

I’d like to see Temasys up on one of these “top users of the stack” slides soon, but I’m biased. :) That said, we are seeing strong uptake of our PaaS ( every day. We are excited to see WebRTC getting traction overall, and to see how people are working WebRTC-powered features into their web and mobile applications. It’s a game changer, for sure.

by eschmit on 09.09.2015 02:23 PM

Hi Chip, Temasys is another good platform.  I liked the blog that Bill Lewis wrote for the WebRTC World site: 

by jaweiner on 09.10.2015 08:25 AM

Here at Mersoft, we’re taking a different path with our Mersoft Move and related products. Our customers are service providers and the products enable compelling new features for them beyond calling, conferencing, TV and data. It’s still under wraps for now but will soon launch. Great to see AT&T offering this service and creating the future of communication.

by eschmit on 09.10.2015 09:45 AM

Thanks much Jeff, we are eager to see what Mersoft releases. 

by iotuminc on 04.21.2017 06:40 AM

Free Conference worked very hard to make this list this year but fell short. However to over come this they have recently put out all kinds of new features that free users have the option to upgrade to, the best being there free app for andriod and apple devices.

by maisieaticomm on 06.23.2017 08:15 AM

i-Comm connect is a WebRTC call button that is worth a look. (

Easily installable VoIP/PSTN calling button, compatible on basically any platform for multiple lines.

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