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AT&T and Facebook Mobile App Hackathon – Palo Alto

by Andrea Morton  05.07.2012 01:40 PM

Twenty thousand in cash money up for grabs at a hackathon.

That’s big money and developers/observers came out in droves to participate, network and gawk at the Mobile App Hackathon this last weekend. The event was hosted at our AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto and jointly supported and marketed with the awesome folks over at Facebook, namely James Pearce

A big thanks goes out to our internal folks (Dale, Sandro, Mark, and Carlton), Anna Billstrom, Curtis Pope and Hadiyah as well as awesome folks from Tiggzi, Basho, Apigee, Mozilla, and Viafo for supporting the event and making sure the intellectually curious developer’s questions were fully answered. These events wouldn’t happen without you, so thank you from the hackathon team!

For those of you interested in developing with Facebook’s social APIs, you can check out some of their online resources here:

The competition was fierce with over 192 developers showing up to test their mettle and network with peers. And, boy, were the developers hungry, devouring everything in their path. We stocked the kitchen with our normal bevy of junk food, pop, snacks and dinner foods and we still ran out of food on Friday night. Twice!

Hungry developers aside, I am sure you are all itching to see the list of winners for the event, so here they are:

  • Pic Plus$20k Winner – Add effects to any Facebook photo on your smart phone, dead simple sharing via facebook & sms
  • Sentimist – No Github Repo – Best Use Of Facebook Open Graph – Sentimist lets you share your feelings about people, places and things with a mobile “sentiment checkin”
  • Fitness Karma – – Best Use of Apigee User Grid – 3rd Place Tiggzi – Fitness challenge that travels with you!
  • QuizBee Place Tiggzi – QuizzBee You’ve been stung! Answer or Pass!
  • AlertCircle Best Use of AT&T Cloud Architect – AlertCircle gives you local disaster alerts and actionable guidelines on your mobile phone without a need to have app running in background.
  • mdease.com Best Use of mHealth APIs – mdease connects people with ailments directly with doctors from the comfort of their home.
  • Where Am I? – No Github Repo  – Best Facebook Social App / 1st Place Tiggzi – “Where Am I” is a cool social game that is perfect for lazy travelers.
  • Mixology – Ever want to be a bartender? Learn how to mix while competing against your friends to earn the most virtual tips!
  • Tweets Near Me – See who is tweeting near you and what they are tweeting!
  • Zippy – Zippy – your mobile companion to avoid traffic…then brag about it.
  • ZuckJS – github/sr3d/zuckjs – HTML5 mobile web app that uses javascript and audio to make images “speak”
  • HackmanJS – “ – Learn Javascript basics the fun way
  • BraggingRights – – Think you know football?  Predict the plays in real time as they’re happening with the Bragging Rights mobile app.
  • Mix Tape Stories – “Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together they become the sound track of your life.” #mixtapestories
  • DigiBlog – No Github Repo – Share your travels with DigiBlog
  • Storybook – Storybook aggregates photos from all of your social networks, generating a customizable story album of your life. A one tap authorization will beautifully present your photos tied with rich social features like likes, comments, and shares.
  • Vanity Parking(SM) – Presentation only –, Inc. offers Vanity Parking, an HTML5 mobile app for reserving privately owned parking spaces near or at special events
  • FBox – Tired of bouncing between gmail and FB all day, we decided to merge them into a single stream and augmented the emails with social context.
  • Happy Pigs – NodeJS game that uses the mobile phone as a controller
  • Super Nodriendo – No Github Repo – Play real video games via the web
  • Enotes – No Github Repo – Store and retrievable notes with tags , add little structure to your notes
  • BeSporty-GetHealthy – An app that lets you compares users sports activity across multiple sources using openGraph
  • Interestix – Find people with similar interests near you, and chat with ATT api
  • My Social Life – No Github Repo – If you are lookind for  a good time try My Social Life
  • Bacon Unicorn – Find and share bacon and unicorns with Bacon Unicorn: the photo geoCaching game.  
  • HiTag – – HiTag is a real-world treasure hunt where you get to discover cool events from your friends. You use NFC to uncover clues…
  • DooDoll – Draw a Ragdoll on your Mobile with Your Friends, and Compete for the Title “Best Body Part Creator” on Facebook!
  • vCare-Messenger – No Github Repo – A smart chat to easily share health data and get advice from primary health care provider.
  • Boba Bear – – BobaBear is for kids to communicate with Cute Toys! It makes learning and doing chores FUN!!!!
  • Gnote – No Github Repo – Gnote

Additional developer posted blogs and videos:

Pictures can be found here.

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