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AT&T Mobile App Hackathon – Social Good (NYC) – Recap

by Andrea Morton  09.26.2012 04:45 PM

Last weekend we took a bite out of the Big Apple with our AT&T Mobile App Hackathon – Social Good (NYC) drawing 120+ attendees, whom worked hard Saturday and Sunday to produce 21 applications.  We had a great time in the beautiful location of 92Y Tribeca and were really impressed with the passion that developers should to building applications for the good of our society.

The event was truly unique and we were excited to be able to share everyone’s hard work with attendees of the Social Good Summit, an event which unites a unique community of global leaders in order to power innovative ideas and the development of technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges. You can learn more about the Social Good Summit at

One truly innovative application was the Blood Donation App, which allows users to sign up to be alerted when local blood banks or hospitals run are running low on your blood type.  By relying on both geo-location and SMS they are able to make sure that donors are able to know when they are really needed and make a truly impactful donation in an emergency situation.

At the end of the day judges had the tough task of selecting the top three winners: DecisionMakr (1st Place), Addic-aid (2nd Place), and Hope (3rd Place).

Learn more about all the apps created at the event along with additional winners below:

SparqCam – The motivational hub to inspire like-minded people through video.

4LWords – First Place AT&T APIs & Pearson APIs – The purpose of 4LWords is to share happiness at the individual level. Our app allows you to share laughter, love, learning, and living with your closest friends via SMS as well as keep track of why you should be happy. A positive society is one in which the majority of individuals are happy and educated and that social good starts with the individual.

Chainfree – 1st Place – Chain text messaging app that allow businesses to promote their corporate social responsibility and social goods as well as donate to NGOs when text has gone viral.

Foursquare Books – Foursquare Books is the integration of e-books and geo-location social media. The app is built on the foursquare API using over 300 locations of literary significance drawn from the non-profit Literary Manhattan’s database of libraries, bookstores, publishing house, literary themed bars, restaurants, and hotels, apartments where authors lived, where books were written, and quotes from literature that takes place in Manhattan. Demo:

DecisionMakr – 1st Place Overall – DecisionMakr allows Twitter users to give real-time qualitative and quantitative feedback to decision makers at conferences, town halls, and other public events.  An aggregate leaderboard allows decision makers to see how effective their policy proposals are.  Ranking encourages a race to the top, and qualitative feedback serves an educational purpose to encourage thoughtful and insightful feedback. This app will be used by Yale at the Climate COP meeting in Doha this December to give feedback to leaders on climate change policy negotiations.

Planetarium – Planetarium is a constellation-themed interactive art installation for fundraising events. The donors are stars, and the NGO brings the stars together to form a constellation. The constellation shows how the NGO creates a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

POLLitTogether – We are Poll it together, a location based polling service simplifying voting for community groups, organizations, and governing bodies.

BioMedLink – GWOB Prize – Developing countries need a marketplace to connect the needs of healthcare workers and innovative solutions that can make the delivery of healthcare more effective and less costly solutions that would not be discovered otherwise.

SplinterNet – SplinterNet is a open source Peer-to-Peer Twitter-like messaging system written by Matt Hall and John Watkinson of Larva Labs. What they released is great for disaster situations where communication is difficult or in activist situations where communications may be monitored, however they only had sharable text and images. What if you need to describe something more graphical. Perhaps a map, a drawing or to highlight context. I’ve integrated S Pen functionality to generate an image which can be shared with others who don’t have S Pen.

CompSciEngMath – To produce a web app, primarily aimed at urban youth and others, for use in primary school grades to college and graduate school, for accessing computer, science, engineering, and mathematics resources and toolsets, from smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, at essentially no cost beyond the cost of the computational device and data access if any.

Blood Donation App – Geo Location Blood Donation App with Emergency SMS feature to notify users that a blood type is needed nearby. 44,000 blood donations are needed every day, if an emergency situation requires a certain blood type that is in short supply users can be notified via SMS to donate to save someone’s life.

TECH WARS – The Tech Wars app is a fall down game which a droid robot eats apple logos. (For this demo of course). The game implements the SDK for the S Pen from Samsung and registers that the pen is touching the screen so that the android robot follows it.

Qswap – My company (idea) is called Qswap. The goal of Qswap is to create a market place for people to buy or sell their positions in lines through an open bidding process for everything from restaurants to new product releases. Think iPhone or the hottest Christmas gift of the season. Somebody comes to a business and finds a line there. They check-in at the business with the app. This starts a clock running for how long they have been in line. Another Qswap user comes in behind them and checks in. That person can now see how long all other users ahead of them have been in line and offer one of them an amount of money in line with how they value their time. When someone accepts the buyer finds them through a unique icon displayed on the seller’s phone which they hold up. Using Bump payment the two bump phones to complete the transaction and the seller steps out of line and the buyer steps in. Qswap makes money through the transaction cost it charges buyers and selling a checking based coupon push service to businesses with the longest lines.

Hope – 3rd Place Overall – The app allows food donors and charities to better communicate what food they have, how much and do it in a way that is faster, easier and cleaner than traditional methods. The app’s objective was to help plan the best routes and prioritize the food pickup for charities so that they don’t waste resources or manpower driving around.

Addic-aid – 2nd Place Overall – AA-aid helps problem drinkers overcome their condition with an easy meeting finder and a semi-anonymous support network. With over 2.5 million annual deaths, alcoholism is a very real existential threat. And AA has proven itself time and again to be the best treatment option. Even then, its success rate is mediocre at best: The majority of AA members leave the program. With an app that takes the stigma away of going to AA, making crowd-sourced sobriety with meeting members checking into meetings and commenting on the quality, the community could be as rich as Reddit in conversation and as dry as a camel in BAC.

Tug-O-Learn – 1st Place Sphero and Connect2learn – Tug-O-Learn is a way to teach kids how to learn math and vocabulary using the sphero ball. It is a competition between the two and with each answer the sphero goes closer to the player. First to get the ball wins.

ResumeMe – At a non-profit and as a business communications professor, I created resumes and taught resume creation. I consistently saw very poorly designed documents, even from college students. Though there are other sites that create resumes online, I see a profound need for a free service that does one thing really well: create consistently formatted resumes.

Health Ninja – This is a tool to improve the health of families and communities in the developing world.

My Alerts – 1st Place Tiggzi – is a mobile fundraising platform that enables organizations to communicate the impact of each donation through project photos. Donors receive images of the project outcome and can share their impact, inspiring their friends to give.

good2dolist – A task list that will deduct money from your Dwolla account and donate it to the charity of your choice when/if you fail to accomplish your tasks on time. 

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