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AT&T Mobile App Hackathon – Impact 2013 RECAP!!!!!

by Andrea Morton  05.04.2013 02:59 PM

Last week we headed to Las Vegas to run an AT&T Mobile App Hackathon at IBM Impact 2013. With help our friends from IBM we were able to assist enterprise development teams compete throughout the conference beginning Monday at 6:00PM with final presentations taking place Thursday at 10:15AM. In total 7 teams of developers competed with 4 successfully completing and pitching their apps at the end. We commend each team for taking up the challenge, especially those who finished, as they already had a packed schedule of providing technical expertise at booths and completing certification courses.

A VERY special thank you to the wonderful AT&T and IBM SMEs that made themselves available throughout the conference and provided critical assistance to competing teams over the course of the hackathon.

One of the most awesome apps we’ve seen all year came from WavePool, our overall winner. They built a social media application based on your geolocation data creating a mashup between Craiglist and Facebook.  Users would then be able to see that awesome things going on in the area and filter posts based on contexts.  Clearly this is an app custom made not only for tourist destinations such as Las Vegas, but also for major conferences like Impact 2013. With the help of WavePool you would be able to find the best bars and restaurants in a city or the most interesting and buzz worthy sessions at a conference.

Hackathon Travel Tip #1: Always be sure to keep an ID and credit card separate from your wallet when traveling.  This tip comes compliments of my co-organizer Ben Nelson, who had the unfortunate experience of his wallet being stolen on his 2nd to last day in Las Vegas.  Lucky for him he had followed half of this golden rule by keeping a credit card in one of his pockets, but he did make the mistake of not keeping a back-up form of identification available, leading to some uncomfortable moments at TSA.  Make sure to follow this rule and you can avoid similar problems.

Without further ado, here is a list of the teams that competed this last weekend:

Clear Check – 2nd Place Overall – Take you checklist mobile, run from the cloud, interface with you voice, and export to the enterprise. This app creates your checklist dynamically from the database, allowing you to add additional fields on the fly.

WavePool – 1st Place Overall – Location Based Social media feed. Users are able to see the posts of all other users within their geofence.  This disrupts the way that social media currently works allowing you to focus on awesome events and local interests instead of only being able to focus on what your friends and family are doing. You will no longer feel excluded when visiting a city alone.

Human Health – Honorable Mention – An App to reward patients for engaging in their healthcare. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing! With Healthcare Reform, everyone will likely have High Deductible health insurance plans that will incentivize people to want to know healthcare costs before receiving care. This app helps to humanize healthcare and assist patients in navigating the healthcare space.

Women’s Health 101 – 3rd Place Overall – Women’s Health 101 focuses on breast cancer awareness and detection.  Are given instructions and questions in order to conduct their own self-test.  They can then record their in depth answers to each question using speech to text.

Be sure to learn more about all the great sessions and panels AT&T was involved in with our Impact 2013 Recap!

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