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AT&T Mobile App Hackathon – Education – Dallas

by Andrea Morton  09.15.2012 08:51 PM

Last Friday, September 14th at AT&T Foundry in Plano, TX, we kicked off the first Dallas Mobile App Hackathon focused on education apps and our Aspire program. All told, the 150+ attendees pumped out 14 apps with some really great and innovative ideas of how to help increase engagement in the classroom. 

An enormous thanks goes out to Paladin for helping out with the local outreach and delivery of the very yummy ice cream sandwiches and candy bags. We received numerous complements! We will be adding pictures of the event to our Facebook page soon so be sure to check back for updates. Alternatively, here are images that the Dallas GTUG group took for us. Finally, please email me dropbox links for any images that you would like me to add to the collection!

A noteable app at the event was RE:CHECK, an app that enables students to ask anonymous questions during class. The app enables students to better engage in the classroom without feeling embrassed by asking seemingly simple questions.

At the end of the day the judges had the difficult task of selecting the top three winners of the hackathon: oculr (1st place), ReCheck (2nd place), and Reactionarium (3rd place). The first place team was comprised entirely of students from Plano East Senior High School: Matthew Laux, Bilal Ayub, Ahmed Khan, Trent Davies, and Jimmy Zhong. For those that would like to check out the app that oculr built, hit this link. Additionally, we had the following winners: 

  • ATT API Prize – StudyBuddy
  • Tiggzi Prize – Reactionarium (1st), The Key (2nd), Gigo (3rd)
  • Geeks without Bounds Prize – The Key

Let’s take a closer look at all the stellar applications created:

  • NotetuneS – This app turns student’s original notes into songs with simple melodies to create pneumonic devices offering an advantage in knowledge retention. 
  • Connect Me – Connect Me came together to solve a problem. It was a choice between just getting things at school or not at all. We found a way to merge homework, attendance and notifications in to one app for parents, students and teachers. introducing Connect Me.
  • Reactionarium – Reactionarium is a virtual chemistry set which lets students explore different reactions. It allows students to pick various reactants and see a video of the resulting reaction, if there is one. Additional information (with pictures) is available on each chemical and on each reaction.
  • multi-libs – Multiplayer/social gaming Time deferred gaming Twitter interaction Play ad-lib style game online or on your phone with friends!
  • BirdDog Making it easy for educators to identify problems before they become problems
  • Grade Ideas – With Computers as cheap as $25 and 1.3 millions Android devices activated daily we’re seeing tons of innovative educational apps. What we’re really missing is a platform to keep this ecosystem organized. Wouldn’t it be great if schools had their own app market? A place where educators could store and organize curriculum. Using the market students could download great media rich apps. Then use those apps to consume assignments and generate results. Today, we’ve envisioned just such a place and we call it the Grade Ideas platform. 
  • oculr – oculr allows you to scan STEM-related equations and retrieves relevant information about the subject scanned, as well as links to resources for practical applications. For example, if the quadratic equation is scanned, oculr would link to pages/videos related to the topic.
  • ourNotes – As high school students and college freshmen, we know how hard it is to do two things simultaneously, such as comprehending concepts and taking notes. As if this wasn’t hard enough, we must also organize our countless papers in different binders and in different ways. The application ourNotes allows students to easily record their lectures, automatically organize them, and add custom notes to them so they can learn to the best of their abilities. 
  • The Key – Previously, teachers who created their own lesson plans had to dig through a list of hundreds of state-approved accountability standards to prove that what they were teaching was relevant. Teachers have spent more time justifying their lessons than creating new and engaging ones. Until now.We’ve created the first searchable database of these standards, sorted by class and grade. With the Key, teachers can now spend more time creating and teaching engaging lessons for their students while staying accountable to state standards.
  • Empress – Application plays interactive video with questions to reinforce concepts. Depending on answer play other video or display more questions.
  • GIGO Beta – GIGO Beta is a platform for students to generate startups and empower young entrepreneurs through training, connections, and streamlined access to crowdsourced and socially ranked resources. Our service allows for a self-paced and mentor supported curriculum and an opportunity to form connections to form startup teams. 
  • RE: CHECK The high school drop out rate is uncomfortably high in the US today. We have made an app that helps high school kids out in the areas that they struggle with most.
  • Study Buddy – We created an app that helps students create and find study groups for their classes. Study groups are proven ways of improving student grades and increasing involvement in a class room. This app can be used at any grade level and keeps students connected to students.
  • MapApp – This is an app to help students studying geography become engaged with the material.

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