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AT&T Mobile App Hackathon – Atlanta – WebRTC & Call Management APIs

by Andrea Morton  12.01.2012 06:50 PM

The AT&T Developer Program hosted it’s 2nd hackathon in Atlanta this last weekend and over 70+ developers turned out. All told they cranked out 15 mobile related apps as well as Windows 8 apps over the course of 24 hours. Photos from the event are located via this link.

Competitive hackathons are becoming more common place as the AT&T Developer Program and other developers continue to crank out these awesome developer engagment events along with the support of dedicated community individuals like Ben Klang and Sene Sorrow from MojoLingo. This time around, we also achieved another milestone when we got Devon Jay from Ericsson to create an app with Tiggzi and AT&T APIs called FakeNumber.

Devon has a marketing background and is more comfortable with sports, but we got her into the mix with her fun app. So Devon’s app addresses this use case: just in case you are ever at the grocery store or gym and getting mobbed by dozens of adoring fans, you now don’t have to give out your real number. Using the AT&T API call management feature, you can now give out temporary numbers and enjoy the fun of the chat without the need for long term commitment. Better yet, the number can be “burned” at a moments notice and you’ll never have to receive calls from that number again.

As for the call control APIs that were used in various apps over the course of the weekend, developers used various combinations of conference, answer, say and ask to create interesting new services. Team “TechConnect” and others that worked with the AT&T Call Control APIs really showed that there is solid developer interest and that the APIs are easy to pick up.

A list of the prizes can be found here. As for the top winners, here they are:

  • 1st Place General                       Sidewalk Hazards
  • 2nd Place General                      third ° (3rd degree)
  • 3rd Place General                      TechConnect
  • 1st Windows Phone 8                 MeetMe
  • 1st Windows 8                           MoleMan
  • 2nd Windows 8                          Subtitle Reader
  • 3rd Windows 8                          Aran Personal Assist
  • 1st Place Call Management         RelayPA
  • 2nd Place Call Management        FlyBuy
  • 3nd Place Call Management        MeetMe
  • 1st Place Tiggzi                          numberfaker

Here is a quick list of all the teams that presented:

Android AutoResponderCreate a custom text message response for each of your contacts that will be sent if you don’t answer a phone call from them. Optionally, the response can include your current location
AnulOrtodox – This is a romanian ortodox calendar showing custom religious data. Upon request, the info will be send to recipients within a church or group of churches.
Subtitle Reader – Currently only read subtitles. In near future I will add TTS so you will listen.”
Sidewalk Hazards – Mike Young, Robert Joseph & Others – Tool to report sidewalk hazards.  Help non-profit with pedestrian activism agenda.  Connect citizens to government.  Get things fixed!
JustExpenseThis – Expense reports made easy.  How many times have you cussed about having to fill out your expense reports.  
FlyBuy – Square with Texting! Allows vendors to get paid through text. Users do not need to install a single app!

MoleMan An app that will assist the user, allowing them to choose the elements in their compound and it will display the resulting Molecular Mass”
Aran Personal Assist – Aran personal assist is a personal assistant app, helps in answering general questions, displays weather, traffic info, connects to various users services such as Windows Live calender,, and provides consolidated and easy to use user information.
RelayPAWhen a presenter asks for questions it’s a crap shoot. We allow the presenter to receive the questions via text message to an anonymous number. She can then trigger a 3 way conference between her phone, the questioner’s phone, and the PA system (who get’s a WebRTC soft-phone).
CamVoice2Text – A simple iPhone App to help user add note to their photos through voice.

3rd ° (third degree) – An app that allows users to connect to a conference system that will queue their questions for a moderator that can visually manage the questions in real-time, but in a non-linear fashion”
BioWeather – Weather like biorhythm readings for you, your family, your friends, etc.
Drunk or Ride – It’s been a long work week…plan on letting off some steam this weekend??”
MeetMe – Organize ad hoc events via voice and texting.  Concierge services locate optimal restaurants, bars, etc. based on the people selected, current locations of attendees, and travel time to a central location.
numberfaker – Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you are forced to give your phone number to a stranger? Avoid that creep or crazy person with Number Faker!
TechConnect – Private skype for field service techs with recording on a remote server

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