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Publishing your app through the

Certified Solutions Catalog

The AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog will be retired as of October 31, 2014. If you are interested in the latest mobile applications from AT&T, please visit our Mobile Applications site.

The AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog (CSC) is an online catalog of small business and enterprise applications that have been independently tested on the AT&T wireless network. Applications that successfully complete our free Solution Certification process are automatically published to the catalog.

The Certified Solutions Catalog is an assurance of quality that provides positive exposure of your app to business customers as well as the AT&T enterprise sales teams.

Certified Solutions Catalog

Benefits of the Certified Solutions Catalog

Getting your small business or enterprise app certified through AT&T comes with benefits:

  • Check Feature Having your app exposed to millions of AT&T business customers
  • Check Feature Gaining exposure to the AT&T customer base through our sales teams
  • Check Feature Gaining exposure to small businesses through our SMART app recommendation program
  • Check Feature Being eligible for publication in the Quality App Directory a directory of mobile apps that have met quality levels specified by AQuA
  • Check Feature Adding the AT&T Certified Solution logo to your marketing & sales materials
  • Check Feature Hosting your marketing collateral on the CSC dynamic search pages

Supported platforms

The AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog supports small business & enterprise apps built on the following platforms:

Windows Mobile
Windows Phone

How to apply for certification

AT&T Solution Certification confirms that your application’s performance, user interface, data integrity, application security, and wireless data transmission efficiency all meet or exceed AT&T usability guidelines.

To request certification, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AT&T Developer Program account. Not a member? Create a free account.
  2. Review the Solutions Certification Requirements.
  3. Request certification through our Enterprise Applications Control Panel.
  4. Request certification through our Enterprise Applications Control Panel.

Reviewing & testing your app

Once your certification request has been accepted, we’ll contact you to schedule a review meeting to better understand your application, scope the work to be done, schedule testing dates, and understand the platform & devices you’re targeting.

At this stage in the process, we’ll work collaboratively with you to complete code signing and independent, third-party vendor testing of your application, in compliance with criteria provided by AT&T.

Note: An engineering contact must be available throughout the testing stage to provide technical assistance with any challenges encountered.

In-depth information about Solution Certification & Code Signing with AT&T is available in our Reference Library.


Once your solution successfully passes testing, we’ll send you an AT&T Solution Certification Program Agreement. After you’ve executed the agreement, you’ll receive access to the AT&T Certified Solution logo and all the other benefits of certification.

Note: Prior to activation on the AT&T wireless network, Solution Certification is mandatory for all apps being produced for resale or distribution.

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