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Make your apps and services more secure and easy to use
with the AT&T Mobile Identity Toolkit API

Tap into the intelligence of the AT&T network as a trusted authenticator for mobile devices.

  • Check Feature With AT&T subscriber consent, access account data such as name and address to automatically fill in application forms and validate new accounts
  • Check Feature Audits are performed by AT&T to ensure business customers and collaborators capture user consent and dispose of data
  • Check Feature Automate fraud avoidance queries and the completion of basic forms for subscribers during transactions
Interested in using the Mobile Identity Toolkit API?

Contact the AT&T Enterprise API Program.

The following are required in order to use this service:

Subscriber opt-in consent to AT&T

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Audit rights

Submit your app

Acceptance of applicable security requirements

How can I use the Mobile Identity API Toolkit?

You can gain a richer understanding of the identity of your customers to help mitigate mistakes in ordering and fulfillment as well as help protect against fraudulent activity based on an opt-in service offering from a credit card company, bank or eCommerce site. You can bolster existing fraud rating processes with expanded criteria or data to better identify and reduce fraud.

When an AT&T mobile subscriber uses their mobile device to transact business with a company that is using the Toolkit, the service automatically and almost instantly performs a fraud avoidance query to confirm that the device being used by the subscriber is authenticated the device as registered to the AT&T mobile network. If confirmed, the mobile user can opt-in to a feature that allows automatic population of electronic forms with basic information such as name, address, phone and email information. This feature simplifies the registration process and can reduce drop-off rates for new customers. The service completes these tasks in seconds

Want to learn more?

Contact the AT&T Enterprise API Program.